Friday, 14 September 2012

Open Community Parent Afternoons: Michaelmas

Do you remember a while ago I went to a series of workshops where I was able to have a bit of time to myself and make some wonderful Waldorf toys?  Well once I moved here I decided to follow some advice that one of Dan's colleagues suggested.  If you want to learn something new, create a forum to make it happen.  A dear friend of mine had been working on the organization of these workshops by herself. Anyone who has done that before knows how difficult it can be.  Its a lot to take on, and something I love to do. Well I love the organizational aspect of it anyhow. She created the forum and I jumped on it!

After we moved here I asked if I could help out.  I am not sure how much of a help I have been, but I sure do love being part of it.  We have organized a talk or an activity surrounding anthroposophy , Steiner's teachings, early years parenting, and family life for every month of the year.

 Forest Row is this hub of information.  Many of the authors of the books I have read, homeschooling curriculum authors I have researched, and handwork teachers I aspire to, live here.  Between the priests at the church and my own (and my friend's) desire to learn experientially, we have such an amazing line up this year.  Tomorrow it starts.  Here is our poster.  I wish you were all closer so you could join in with us.

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