Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Waldorf Handcrafting = Soul Food

Crotchet Granny Square
 I just had the most amazing week. 

Finishing off my first basket

It started off with the confirmation that I didn’t get the position as a kindergarten assistant.  Although this was a disappointment to my heart and for our plans as a family, I am just so thankful I finally know and can move forward.  I am not used to applying for jobs and the wait involved after that much energy was put out was something really new to me.  I also understand that there were a lot of applicants for the position and in the end, when I have done my own training, I would be disappointed to find out someone with far less experience got the position. I trust in the process and know the school I applied to works in its highest integrity when choosing its staff.  I hope I will be considered again one day.

Where does this leave me?  It leaves me to pursue my handcraft mentorship with dear Libby.  So far I have learned how to knit small animals, crotchet face clothes for the kids, make a beautiful little mat for our dinner candle and even make a basket.  
Crotchet hand clothes for the kids
 It is pure magic for my soul.  I love how my family supports me so much in this time.  Dan takes the kids and has some one on two time and I completely relax in the company of women and craft.  Esben, the breastfeeding champion of the year (who won't take a bottle of expressed milk) seems to be so patient and content as I fill my own mother cup up.
Narina in her Sunday night ritual "Tinti" bath
Each time I go I meet new people and they have all been full of love and light.  Everyone brings something to the table energetically and my friend Katherine (who is the mother of this brilliant idea) brings cake! I usually hang out after in hopes of getting seconds.  It makes for a perfect afternoon. 

Libby, fiber goddess extraordinaire

Katherine and Libby and baskets of beautiful yarn just waiting to be used.

Helping each other in the soft sanctuary of the Christian Community Church in Forest Row

All the little babies are looking on with wonder!

The beginnings of my first square.

If you live in the Forest Row area and are interested in a handcraft community, please join us at the Christian Community Church.  We meet once (sometimes twice) a month. I believe July’s craft is wet felting.  You can contact the church to find out the date for the next meeting. A donation of at least £3 is most welcome. 

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