Saturday, 9 July 2011


I am sitting here in the living room after another full day sans daddy.  It is 9pm and my darling little girl fell asleep five minutes ago.  A 45 minutes before I go to bed so I can be present for her in the morning.  Something is happening, it could be the change of not having daddy around.  Perhaps it is her molars.  What ever is going on, the days are very long and the nights seem rather short.  Never mind.  The days are good, and that is all that matters, right?

Saying that I was just looking out over our garden.  Our garden has suffered this year. We have red ant nests in most of them. Voles and mice have been eating shoots as soon as they break the surface.  Out of 6 beds, we managed to rabbit proof two and tonight, as I poured myself a herbal tea, I watched as two bunnies were munching away at my rocket (arugula) inside one of the "proofings".  It is a lot of work to watch go to the animals.  A lot of time I don't have.  What I do have is thyme and I have harvested a portion of three different types.  They are dried now and I am removing the leaves from the stems with great joy.  That and my calendula (marigolds) are blooming their sticky flowers at the perfect rate.  I am drying them and once I have enough I am going to be making a nice calendula oil for a lovely skin soother. 

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  1. Well now, your garden is just so wonderful, that the bunnies just love to visit, cheers Marie


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