Thursday, 15 November 2012

Join Us! Michael Hall Advent Fair November 24th

Every year a magical event happens at Michael Hall.  A real school effort goes into the Advent Fair.  Each class is responsible for part of the fair. There are dress up stalls, donkey rides, a gnome's grotto, live music all day, eurythmy performances, candle dipping, tons of amazing food, hand made gifts and workshops all day long.
There is a warm bonfire calling your name.  It is such a special way to celebrate the start of the holiday season. Please note this is last years poster.  It was so beautiful and it seems no one has uploaded this years yet so I thought I would add it in anyhow. Proper dates below.

Michael Hall School
Kidbrooke Park 
Forest Row
RH18 5JA

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  1. I LOVE this fair! I'm so looking forward to it!


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