Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I am not alone, I know this.  The Waldorf Mama circles online are abuzz with their kids going nuts. We are all trying to make peace with transitions.  I meditate on the best way to serve my children through these types of transitions.  My daughter, sick with a cold again.  Full of fight and fury.  Nightmares at night.  Arguments all day.  It is a difficult time for us all.  Trying to reprogram our own dialog around conflict and the ways and words our parents used with us.  Then comes the night.  When we all come together in bed.  Where her hot breath exhales on my hands as she holds them close to her face.  Where her brother lays, arms to his sides, heart open to the world.  Daddy and Mummy in strange positions with a girl who won’t sleep the night in her own bed We are all so tiered.  We are not at our best.  We stick to our rhythm as best we can.  Are we doing too much in our week?  How can there be this much continual unrest with a small child? I know I am not alone. 

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