Saturday, 13 August 2011

Being thankful 3: Gay Pride as a mother

Today I took Narina to visit some very special friends down in Brighton.  It just so happens to be Pride weekend.  One thing I regret about living in such a rural area is the lack of diversity.  It is a very white, very straight area.  To watch crowds of same sex couples of all colours holding hands, kissing, wearing next to nothing and celebrating is something I have always liked.  To see my daughter wave at the floats of people driving by was like a dream come true. Is it cliche how much I use that phrase in respect to my experiences as a mother?  In reality my life as a mother is a dream come true.  But to me the fact that at nearly 2 years of age she has been part of something important is truly fulfilling.

A celebration of diversity.  A festival of love.  An openness about sexual expression.

This is what I want her to grow up knowing as a few of the pillars in life. 

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  1. I agree entirely, I was brought up to be closed to other forms of sexuality, and am open now to all kinds, my husband is not so sure though.

    cheers Marie


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