Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Stuff stuff and more stuff

We have been working hard around here. Anyone who has been in our house knows that we are collectors. Not of anything in particular, but we own a lot of stuff. Speaking for myself, I know it stems from days of living out of a backpack or van and from moving so many times in my life (over 30) that I want stuff. I want the grounded nature of stuff. Something I am going to try to do this year is take a good look at the stuff I own and shift that which I don’t need. I have had friends do this in the past. They are radical. I have no interest in that. I like stuff. I want to buy more books, so it is time to move along some of the books I know I won’t read again to make room for them. The hard work of tidying each room of our house is only partially done but we can see the forest through the trees now . I feel so happy about the tidy that I am sitting here with food still on the dinner plates, clothing and toys on the living room floor and my intention for tonight is to return emails, write this post and knit the rest of my first slipper. Tomorrow is my crafting day. I have a doll to sew and I can’t wait.

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