Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gnome on the Range

This week we have been going through some growing pains in our little family.  We are attachment parenting Narina and have co-slept with her since birth.  She has a really cool Global Brio bedside cot that  is the same size as a standard cot except one wall of it can flip over to the other side of the cot and make it a three walled cot.  This allows her to sleep with us but it also allows us to put her to bed before us (with the wall down) and flip it up once we go to bed.  Narina has always been breastfed to bed.  It is only as of this week that we have changed our routine (Thanks to our postnatal doula Ann!) and managed to get Narina not only able to settle without feeding to sleep, but sleep through the night!  To do so holistically as well.  What a blessing!  It has been the reason why I have been able to blog again and also the reason I have finished my first knitted clog!  Photos to come.

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